The Scents of Fall

When one thinks of the “scents of fall,” they may imagine that awesome smell when there’s a light chill in the air; crisp, cool breezes; and every once in a while, the whiff of a chimney stack, getting ready for a chilly winter. Oh, right, we’re in Southwest Florida – where the scent of salty waves and on-sale CVS sunscreen is a year-round thing.

Don’t get me wrong, that tropical scent can be rather refreshing, but as we finish off a hot, hot Florida summer, it’s time to focus on the incoming autumn season, and the beautiful aromatic scents that come with it. Here are a few beautiful scents worth checking out for the fall.


Lolita Lempicka

Fashion designer Lolita Lempicka has offered fabulous aromas since the late ’90s, and each of them are perfect for autum.

Although I absolutely despise the flavor of licorice, apparently I love its smell, because top notes of this scent are anise and violet. Green ivy and vanilla tones down its heaviness, finished off with woodsy iris, allowing this aroma to breeze into winter without skipping a beat.

The cost of this apple-shaped EDP perfume has come down a lot over the years, and one can pick up a 3.4oz. bottle for between $40 and $60 now.


Ralph Lauren Romance

If you like a perfume with a fresh scent that’s lightly floral, this is certainly one to consider. This sultry scent truly has a romantic aroma, perfect for any season, really. Its sensual combination of florals, musk and velvety woods is amazing, light enough for the day, but sexy enough for the evening.

Notes include sungoddess rose, marigold, ginger, chamomile oil, yellow freesia, white violet, lotus flower, day lily, oakmoss, musk and even patchouli.

Approximate cost of a 3.4oz EDP bottle is about $90.


Elizabeth and James’ Nirvana Black

This is another woodsy scent perfect for the incoming fall season. A counterpart to the Nirvana White, Nirvana Black is a beautiful blend of vanilla, violet and sensual sandalwood. It’s a bold scent that’s perfect for a girl’s night out – or perhaps a second date (it’s a little too powerful for a first! 😉 )!

Average cost of a 3.4oz EDP bottle is about $110.


Spray on, beautiful ones! ❤

–– M1



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