South Cape rocks — two ways


Karma and Coconut plans to hide the rocks around south Cape Coral as a “kindness rocks” campaign.

Good pun + craft beer = fun.

Karma and Coconuts, a Cape Coral art and gift boutique hosted “South Cape Rocks” at Cape Coral Brewing Co. Friday night.

The concept was simple, with a true community heart behind it. The shop brought rocks and paint to the brewery, and those who wanted got to try out their rusty elementary-school art skills.


Cape Coral Brewing’s hand crafted brews are a great way to relax on a Friday.

The painting party was matched well with Cape Coral Brewing’s locally made beers.

By the end of the evening, a table full of brightly colored rocks were ready to brighten up someone’s day.

The owner of Karma and Coconuts plans to take these little tokens and hide them around the parkway just as a sweet surprise for someone to find. Why? Because kindness rocks.
The kindness rocks initiative is growing. Individuals around Lee County are starting their own efforts to hide these little spots of color all around town. Facebook groups exist to collect photos of rocks people have found — when you find a rock, you can post it to the Facebook page with a story about how you found it and you can mention if you hid it again.

Karma and Coconut is located at 1112 SE 47th Terrace, Unit E. Cape Coral Brewing Co. is located at 839 Miramar Street.


— J


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