Spinnin’ for days at Beach Records

Beach Records owner Marty Bourgeois is no stranger to vinyl. He’s been collecting the once-buried, now-resurfaced form of musical media since he was a kid. That decades-long collection has spawned into a flourishing business at 16120 San Carlos Blvd., in the same building as Point Ybel Brewing Company.

Throughout the week, Marty frequents other record spots throughout the state, collecting some of the most unique and sought-after vinyl for his store’s ever-changing inventory. During any random visit to the little record shop, you can peruse anything from the classics like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones to new-age and one-up hits, including, but certainly not limited to, Slim Goodbody. Yes, Slim freakin’ Goodbody! They have a Slim Goodbody record on location – that’s how good Marty and his staff is at tracking down strange, unique pieces of music/vinyl history!

Genres are all over the board, with original and new presses, including Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Soundtracks, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Reggae, Rap, Dance, Punk, New Wave, and the list (like the beat) goes on. with the New Arrivals section at the front of the shop, so store regulars don’t have to go through the thousands of vinyls every time they come by.

Come across a band you haven’t heard of but interested in sampling? Just ask Marty; he’ll pop that sucker on the house record player so you can try before you buy.



For frequent Beach Records shoppers, stop by the Newly Added section for a quick flip through the most recent additions to the record shop’s extensive vinyl collection.


Don’t worry about breaking the bank at this shop. Aside from Marty frequently offering specials and bundle discounts, record prices range from $1 and $2 and up. He’ll often have a stack of free albums.

The store also carries a ton of CDs and DVDs, as well, also ranging from $1 and $2 and up. So if you’re not into spinning vinyls, you can at least stop by to pick up some plastic.



Thousands of CDs and DVDs are in Beach Records inventory, as well. You never know who or what you’ll find when perusing the disks.


Happy to help the local music scene, Marty and his staff frequently offer nights of live entertainment, featuring some of the newest and coolest bands in town. The Beach Records crew has teamed up with the folks at Point Ybel to offer regular stage-bouncing musical adventures, where several bands toggle between the two business’ stages, and guests can go back and forth with fresh-brewed craft-beer concoctions while persuing Beach Records’ special deals of the night. It’s a musical match made in beer heaven!

Be sure to follow the Beach Records crew on Facebook for frequent vids of their recent vinyl additions. See something you like but can’t make it down to the shop for a couple days? Let Marty know and he can put something on hold for you. He also takes special requests and custom orders.

Come by, hang out, spin some tracks while enjoying fresh-popped popcorn, get into some deep musical discussions, and leave with some killer finds. See you down at Beach Records!

–– M1


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