Get in loser, we’re going to brunch

There’s breakfast. There’s breakfast for lunch. And then, there’s brunch.

It’s become common to call your first meal on Sunday after a night out on the town “brunch.” But if you’re just eating pancakes and eggs, you’re still eating breakfast food.

Cue Cork Soaker’s beautiful brunch menu, done right.

DeckBy night, Cork Soaker’s Deck and Wine Bar in Cape Coral is a hotspot for late night fun — with a name that gets funnier the more pinot you drink. But Sunday morning, those night owls drag themselves out of hungover hell to join the living and ingest in delicious food.

Real brunch combines aspects of breakfast and lunch. Cork Soaker’s menu includes dishes like steak and potatoes, quiche, brie-and-bacon sandwiches and deviled eggs. But no item is what it seems — the bacon-and-brie is paired with jam; the steak is topped with two eggs and hollandaise, and the deviled eggs change their tune (this Sunday, it was a spinach and cheese filling with sweet Asian chili sauce drizzled on the side).

Cork Soaker’s biscuits and butter are a must-have: the batter includes cheddar and bacon pieces, and on the side is a little cup of chipotle honey butter. Um, yum. The flavor combos are unique and tasty — and most importantly, affordable after spending $60 on shots and cocktails the night before. Hats off to Chef Gary Pfenning for a genius Sunday morning menu.

Need a little hair of the dog? Don’t worry, the bar opens early with loaded bloody Mary’s.

Topped with bacon-wrapped shrimp, stuffed olives, salami-wrapped asparagus and a pickle (yes, a pickle), this salty morning cocktail will bring you back to life.

If you’re a football fan, the bar’s many TVs will be sure to have your game on, too.

Sunday brunch is served from 10 a.m. to 4 pm. Sunday. The bar is open from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Cork Soakers is located at 837 SE 47th Terrace.

— J



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