All cleaned up

Returning to “normalcy” post-Irma

Now that most Southwest Floridans have returned to some state of “normalcy” after Hurricane Irma left a trail of destruction and debris behind a couple weeks ago, it’s time we get down to brass tacks about ensuring your home is safe for living. You’ve taken down the shutters, cleared the yard of debris, and possibly even mopped up after flooding. But one thing many don’t realize is the importance of a deep clean to your home’s interior, whether or not you had any flooding.
“After Hurricane Irma, it’s important to deep-clean your fridge, your baseboards, and much in between,” said Robin Curley, owner and operator of At Your Service Detailed Cleaning Professionals.
The Cape Coral resident and business owner always keep busy with a well-filled schedule of clients, but even moreso after the recent storm blew through town.
“If you are due to have repairs, we can do post-construction clean-up, deep-clean inside cabinets, clear constructon dust off fixtures, fans, walls, etc.”
And however long you were without power during and after the storm, you most likely had iced-down coolers, and most likely had to trash most – if not all – of the goods from your refrigerator/freezer.
If these items are not deep-cleaned with a bleach and water solution – or stronger cleaning supplies, it’s possible they can grow mold and mildew, which can then get you, your family and your pets very sick.
Please note: Be sure to use proper protection and materials when handling bleach and strong cleaning chemicals. Use gloves and goggles to protect your eyes, nose, mouth and skin.
It’s also possible you suffered through backed-up drains through the storm, leading to all kinds of bacteria and other grossness coming up into your home. Deep-clean any area that may have been affected by these back-ups; the bathroom, kitchen, etc.
If furniture or bedding happened to get wet, it’s better to let them go, rather than risk them growing sickening mold or mildew. (Contact FEMA to delare your losses, whether you’re a renter or a home owner.)
Again, even if your home wasn’t flooded, coming and going, walking in and out all day in the hot, humid summertime heat without power – and not being able to clean much during that time, it’s imperative to disinfect children’s and pet’s toys, cat condos, etc.
Putting your home through this deep-cleaning after the storm will help you and your family feel like you’re back in your own home, safe and sound.
To book Robin for a complete cleaning with class, call 239-265-6552, or call for a quote. “I have the best prices in town, licensed and insured, and we’ll do our ultimate best to fit your budgt and get you back to normal,” she said.
For a full list of post-storm clean-up facts and tips, visit the CDC’s Post-Storm Fact Sheet.
Get your home clean and back to “normal,” once and for all!
–– M1

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