Witch you were here!

McGregor-based shop offers a spiritual journey and plenty of energized baubles and trinkets

Offering an eclectic collection of spiritual books, candles, gifts and classes, the Curious Cauldron is one of the newest shops on McGregor Boulevard (13141 McGregor Blvd #7), sure to bring a smile upon entering.


Owner Maria Solana has sensed other-worldly beings and those who have passed on since she was a child. Since then, she’s always had interest in the paranormal and the unknown, finally opening her own shop of spiritual surprises late last year.

“I saw things, I heard things since I was a child. My purpose is to bring other people in and show them anything is possible, empowering people,” she said. “I offer things no one else has, unique, hand-made things – things that no one else has – and everything is very affordable.”

The shop has truly one-of-a-kind jewelry and crafts, all hand-made by local artisans and merchants. Hand-dipped candles that envoke a menagerie of feelings and other-worldly support through special blessings and herbs, a rainbow of charged crystals and gemstones, crystal balls and tarot card sets, supplements for hexes, potions and cleansings, and so much more line the shelves of this peaceful and fun shop that oozes peaceful energy and calm.

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Peruse the book section for reads on spiritual healing, witchcraft, crystals and more; pick up a few packs of hand-dipped incense, or add a spiritually charged piece of jewelry to your ever-growing collection.

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Whatever you end up purchasing, Maria will elegantly gift-wrap your purchase, making it a true treat-yourself experience.


The Curious Cauldron is also the perfect place to try your own hand at spiritual crafting.

“I offer classes throughout the day and night, to cater to everyone’s busy schedules: candle magic, crystal grids, making your own essential oils…” Maria said. “My essential oils class is $35, and includes your own take-home essential oil take-home kit with many scents.”

Maria is a Reiki Master, offering Reiki, spiritual readings and crystal healing, charging only $25 for a tarot reading.

“Generally, a reading is about a half hour, but I love talking with people and helping them through things, so sometimes we can be back there for an hour or more, when all of a sudden I’ll realize it’s dark outside and time to close up shop for the day,” Maria laughed.

Through a matter of word-of-mouth and the beauty of social media, the Curious Cauldron manages to keep busy throughout the week, and Maria encourages others to share the fun they have in this great place.

Hours to the Curious Cauldron shop are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. – or possibly later. Classes may also tend to go later.

Upcoming events to the shop are:

For further information on this fun and unique shop, or to RSVP to one of its upcoming classes or readings, visit TheCuriousCauldron.com or call 239-208-2153.


See you there!
–– M1


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