Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center unveils new recording studio

The long-awaited Six Fingers Studios is slated to open near the end of October. The new studio, which began construction in 2015, stemmed from Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center’s Director Jim Griffith’s passion for music.


‘It’s part of what (Griffith has) always imagined for the art center – that it would be a multi-disciplinary art center. His vision included some sort of sound capture, which became Six Finger Studios,” said Angela Page, studio and marketing manager at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center.

six-fingers-studio_logo (1)


Page said that it was only after building the studio that they saw an incredible demand in the community for one.

“People are really excited about it,” she said.

The new studio will be located on the second floor, tucked away behind the Capital Gallery at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center located at 2301 First St., Fort Myers.

Six Fingers Studios is comprised of three sound-proof rooms: the Thumb, the Bird and the Pinkie. Two are large live tracking rooms and the smaller one is a vocal booth which will be used to record vocals for commercials and voiceovers.

“They’re built by a company called StudioBricks. (The rooms) were also custom-built for our space. These rooms provide the ultimate sound capture. They’re what we call dead rooms, so when you close the door, you can literally feel the sound being sucked out of them. They’re great for the highest quality sound capture that an artist could want,” Page said.

Recording costs range from $50-$75 per hour – all three rooms are included in the price.

“The cost has to do with whether or not they’d like to go with an internal engineer at the art center or if they’d like to bring in their own sound engineer and just rent the space,” Page said.

“We also have a few packages that are a little more economical for people.” One person or group will be allowed in the studio at a time. “You essentially have the whole space,” Page said.


Collin Mannon of the Young Dead in the studio. Photo by Jesi Cason – Seeker Photography.





The name, Six Finger Studios, comes from a mysterious hand print that was found on the eves of the Capital Gallery when the building was being remodeled.


“This building was built in the ‘30s, it was very much dilapidated. On the second floor, there was all this graffiti everywhere, and at the rafters, on the very top, there are two hand prints that have six fingers. We just thought that it was a marker of the history of the building and something that has a unique background to it,” Page said.


Over the years, the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center has attracted an impressive roster of artists. Paige hopes the studio will help the art center branch out to more artists, both locally and nationally.

“We’re hoping to attract anyone and everyone that is interested in the highest quality sound capture possible that would include people who are interested in doing commercials, voiceover work, podcasts and of course, we would love those national acts to come in. We’re hoping with the growth of downtown Fort Myers and Fort Myers in general, is that we’re going to see that there is a big demand for bands to come out of state to record with us at Six Fingers. We want to encourage the local community as well. We’re really interested in trying to record some of those local acts and help them grow outside of the local scene,” Page said.

In the coming months, the studio will record the art center’s winners of the Summer Singer Songwriter Competition that was held in August. The studio has already recorded famed voiceover artist Randy Thomas and Page’s band, The Young Dead.

For more information on the studio, go to or call 239-333-1933.


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