Quartz + Clover = good vibes in downtown Fort Myers

Quartz & Clover owner Whitney is an area native who moved to California and came back — but time on the other coast gave her a new love of good vibes and bohemian style.

Only, when she got back to her hometown, she realized there wasn’t anything like that here.


So, what’s a girl to do? Start her own business.

img_0251Quartz & Clover is a one stop shop for gifts for your free-spirited, boho chic friends, or a little something for yourself. The store’s specialty are minerals and crystals. You can buy crystals on their own or in beautifully crafted jewelry. Most of the jewelry and other items are locally made by artists, including a collection by Whitney’s mom.

There is also upcycled jewelry, clothing, candles and other gift-worthy items. Whitney hosts monthly crystal meditation sessions and other events, and the store is always open when downtown is hosting an event.

Quartz & Clover is located at 1516 Jackson St., and the storefront is covered in ivy. It’s open seven days a week. For upcoming events, follow the Facebook page or Instagram account.



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